Early Work > The Quiet


The Quiet was created as a visual response to chaos, both past and present, in my life. Centered within the intimate confines of my family and home, this series takes the viewer from the first break of dawn into the hollow hours that pass thru the night. Each image illustrates quiet, a necessary documentation, as chaos overpowers and often erases any memory of its existence.

Thru this project I explore the beauty, poignancy and loneliness of quiet. While it is something we often crave and strive for, it is easily bypassed or abandoned altogether. Living in a digital age, we are compelled to stay connected even when alone. How then does one process and reflect before moving forward? Quiet gives us that opportunity, however, it has to be recognized and ultimately balanced. Too much quiet is often equated with loneliness and the lack of it leaves one overwhelmed. Due to its very nature, quiet is easily overlooked. This series is meant to bring the viewer into a place of quiet.