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The Elegance Aging Cannot Steal
2013 – 2016

As my mother lives out her final years ambling down a long, slow, circuitous path of aging, it is the beauty she created in the interiors her homes that I have turned to as a means of paying homage to her carefully curated and inspired life.

The duality of interiors, my mother’s and those of her homes, bare a stark contrast. While her physiological interior deteriorates in unexpected ways, the refinement and sophistication she so expertly crafted around her remains stately and stoic, as if to shield her from the realities of aging she cannot escape.

No corner, vignette, or edging went without thoughtful consideration. These images depict a strong, intelligent, complex, rigid albeit, warm, open and fascinating environment. These images capture her essence. As her interior fades, that which surrounds her now serves as the museum of her life.