Early Work > Night Light


Intrigued by the voyeuristic and often unsettling ambiance light creates at night, I began this series as an exploration of night light and how it affects our perception of an image. I have focused on the mystery and mystique this light creates within the context of my family. My previous body of work titled “The Quiet” documented the rare and necessary moments of quiet during an especially chaotic period in our lives. From that series came the seed for “Night Light”.
Taking on an active role in each image, the light source is not only an integral part of the story telling process, in many instances, it is the subject itself. The two opposing elements in this body of work, what the light reveals and what the absence of light conceals, are created by a single source, Night Light.
Our own histories guide our interpretation of an image. I have deliberately chosen to leave each work untitled, so as not to impede on that process.