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It’s a Mixed-Up World
Photo Box Series, 2012-Present

“It’s a Mixed-Up World” explores, considers and processes the growth and constantly evolving dynamic of childhood. Through this three-dimensional photo box series, I delve into both my own experience as a child, as well as those of my own children. Placement and perspective serve to both disorient and enrich the worlds that lie within these boxes. While each element is rooted in reality, when combined, a mixed-up world emerges.

As an adult now looking back, I am struck by the utter vulnerability of youth. Knowing now the unexpected challenges that life can throw our way, it is stunning to observe the complete lack of control and unwavering trust that is required of children.

These boxes contain the curiosity, openness and fear we all experience in childhood. Each one is comprised of layers of photographic images, and in some cases, documents culled from previous generations, connecting the past to the present.