Early Work > Toys

2013 - 2014

I have an aversion to all things chaotic and cluttered. Order, tidiness, and space in which to breath are my foundation for peace and happiness. As my children have grown, I have eagerly anticipated the day when the toys they have amassed could be packed away or passed on to other children. Well, that day is here and I am the one struggling to let go.

Tired and worn from years of adoration and attention, sticky hands and rough play, this series pays homage to the toys most beloved by my children during their years of tremendous growth and development. Companions of paramount importance, their misplacement or loss would cause nothing less than total devastation.

With a formal approach, this series of portraits are my way of honoring these objects which have played such an integral role in my children's development during their most formative years. Out of deep respect and gratitude, these images will ensure that their toys will not be forgotten.